Frédéric & Evangeline Chabbert

Frédéric & Evangeline are the owners and instigators behind Dôme Sur Mer and sister restaurant Dôme

Yannick Holthof

Yannick, our restaurant manager, embodies the spirit of genuine hospitality. Born and raised in Antwerp, he has been an integral part of our team for over 15 years, providing the warmest welcome to both familiar faces and newcomers alike.

His dedication extends beyond managing the front of the house; Yannick curates our constantly evolving wine list, offering a selection that caters to both the aficionado of natural-oriented and classical wines.

Yannick not only knows each regular by name but also ensures that every new customer receives the same personalized care that has been a cornerstone of our restaurant’s success.

At heart, Yannick is not just passionate about making guests feel at home – he’s also a football fanatic, sharing team cheers with our Chef de Cuisine, Jannis. Their united support for the same team adds a cheeky kick of camaraderie to our hospitable vibe.

Jannis Moons

Meet Jannis, our Chef de Cuisine, whose culinary journey is intricately woven with the vibrant streets of Zurenborg, Antwerp. Born and raised just around the corner on the lively Dageraadplaats, Jannis developed a deep connection to the local culture and flavors that define our community.

Despite our seafood bistro’s coastal focus, Jannis honed his culinary skills in various restaurants throughout Antwerp, not only expanded his expertise but have also allowed him to infuse diverse influences into our seafood-centric menu.

Beyond the kitchen, Jannis is an ardent supporter of RAFC, or Antwerp as it is affectionately known. His passion for the local football team mirrors his commitment to our restaurant, bringing a contagious enthusiasm and team spirit to both the kitchen and the dining experience.